A Glossary Of Our Items 

We know that selecting films and ways of printing can be a confusing process. We're here to help you decide, but if you want to get more information of what we have available and the use case see below.

Types of Printing
General Terms

A general term for the raw substrate used to create packaging/bags


Low Density Polyethylene

Typically used in the creation of plastic bags for food packaging and in the manufacturing of utility bags


Linear Low Density Polyethylene

Offering great physical and processing properties, high tensile strength, high impact and puncture resistance, excellent stretch, flexibility and elongation


A substance which is formed by the process of trapping pockets of gas in a solid material. Different types include; XPS foam, polystyrene and polyurethane.



Clear, strong, and waxy solid which is unaffected by water and a large range of chemicals; PE is the most commonly used plastic. There are 3 classifications: low, medium and high density.


Polyethylene Terephthalate

Chemical name for polyester. 
A clear, strong, and lightweight plastic that is widely used for packaging. It is the most commonly used thermoplastic polymer 


Vacuum Metalized PET

Vacuums add a thin layer of aluminum onto the surface of PET film. VMPET is widely used in flexible and standup pouch packages because of its high barrier property and lower cost 


A matte, biaxially oriented, polypropylene film. Multi-layer film with a polypropylene core.


Metallized bags have strong barrier properties. Made of lightweight, durable material, these bags offer an attractive flexible packaging solution for many applications

Thermoforming Film

Thermoforming is a method of forming plastic sheets to form fit over an item

Hang Holes

A hole allowing a package to hang from a retail display hook

Tear Strip

Plastic film or cord applied mechanically to the inside of a package, which means a package can be opened quickly.

Hand Holes

Hand holes cut into a packaging product. Permits easier manual handling of the box / packaging.

Booklet Label

Or Disclaimer Label - A label with a small book/booklet or folded leaflet adhered to it.


Or AntiStat - An additive which combats static discharge to safeguard items stored within

Tin Tie

Or Wire Ties are used as reclosure for side gusseted and block bottom bags


A closure type using hooks and loops to securely fasten a package


A re-closable plastic seal with an extremely strong closure. 

DMET Window

Specialized process that allows a window to be added to bags that have a metalized layer


A process in where your design, which includes an open area,
is printed on a clear substrate  creating a see-through window

Inside Print

Printing process of adding type or design to the inside of a bag

Dynamic QR Code

QR code that has the ability to change the destination URL after the QR code has been printed.

Types of Printing

Direct from cylinder to substrate printing process. A superior ink laydown and image rendering with no plate seam because the printing image is continuously wrapped around the cylinder.


Printing digital-based images directly onto the substrate. Because there is no need for a printing plate or cylinder this process can have shorter runs, faster turnarounds and is more cost-effective.

Process Colors

Also known as CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black). This process uses four ink colors that blend together to create the full color spectrum.

Pantone/Spot Colors

Solid colors created using a specific premixed ink, usually based on Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors.


Portable Document Format

A file format developed by Adobe to deliver documents (text and images) in a digital form which can be printed

Adobe Illustrator

The industry-standard vector graphics editor and design program. Used for creating logos, icons, drawings, typography, and complex illustrations.

General Terms

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